Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Writing Short Stories

I’m heartbroken after four years of writing fiction books every day and having hundreds of my submissions rejected by literary agents. People kept asking me why I don’t self-publish and, after much thought, I've at last i succumbed.

Recently I've had fun writing short stories. So far, I’ve written and published six ebook short stories and one paperback anthology through Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. My books are all available from Amazon worldwide for free during a few weeks every now and then or for a token price at other times.

I've used my writer’s name of Glynis Janes (a name that's easier to remember - my two middle names with an ‘s’ added). I've had a few sales, each one giving me great satisfaction. My purpose is to be able to boast that I have published a few books when I prepare submissions to send to literary agents in the future.

I would really appreciate your support. Please log into your nearest online Amazon store and take a look at my six ebooks and one paperback anthology. You can use the Look Inside feature provided by Amazon and see if you like my work. Every now and then, my ebooks are free but, even if you pay full price at other times, you'll be paying  a minimal token amount enabling you to download my ebook onto your personal device. If you're happy with your aquisition, please consider rating my books and/or providing a short review.

See titles below. You'll find them on all Amazon websites wordwide under Amazon Books Glynis Janes.

GLORIA gathers her children to her bedside, convinced that she’ll be dead before the end of the week. Old gripes come to the surface as deep secrets emerge and her children wait for her to die.

ZOE is trapped in an arranged marriage with Daemon who gambles away all her heirloom jewellery. Aleksey, who has recently fled from the pogroms in Istanbul, redeems her jewels and returns them to her. Daemon is killed by a gamblers’ debt collector, leaving Zoe and Aleksey to declare their love for one another.

PATRICK loses his pregnant wife in a car accident while holidaying in Italy. He finds solace through the kindness of a family who welcome him into their home near historic Ostuni. They become firm friends for the rest of his life.

NATHAN loses the use of an eye during a freak car accident. At first he’s in denial, but as he watches the woman who creates an artificial eye for him, he realises life is worth living after all.

OLIVIA is on a tour in Savannah, Georgia where she is investigating an infamous shooting described in a classic non-fiction book. Soon she’ll live her own crime drama.

Eighteen years previously, at the end of WWII, JAKE left a concentration camp in Indonesia. But even after all these years, whenever life becomes difficult, he’s tempted to succumb to the brainwashing he endured that says suicide is an honourable act.

An anthology of all six stories

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